Whether your wishes are to be guided for that extra safety and learning factor, or you just want information on the best area to explore, pointventure can assist you along the way.
We run mountaineering courses from basic navigation/way finding to advanced mountaineering skills needed to ensure your safety in the mountains during summer or winter. Our professional guides and trainers will provide you with the right training to get you and your group going in the right direction on your adventure.

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Via Feratta
Do you enjoy walking in the great outdoors. Well the Bavarian and Austrian Alps provide some of the very best walking trails in Europe. Mother nature has provided us with some of the best views to be seen anywhere in the world.
When climbing on a Via ferrata, two safety lines protect you with karabiners attached at both ends; these are clipped onto a wire rope. As you reach an anchor point, one karabiner is unclipped and reclipped beyond the anchor point, thereby ensuring that one karabiner and safety line is clipped into the safety wire at all times.
Pioneered by the Italian Army during WW1, it is a combination of rock, ladder climbing, and hiking. It does not require technical climbing skills or prior experience. It eliminates some of the risks of regular rock climbing but still offers great thrills and adventure.
You will be taught all the essential techniques to get you up off the ground and let you see what you have been missing from this challenging and exciting activity.
Climbing is a great sport. Choose from lead climbing or top rope climbing the thrill is individual, we provide instruction to individuals and groups.