Its an activity which encompasses a wide range of techniques used to descend a gorge/canyon, mountainous rivers, ravines, torrents and waterfalls.
This activity is simply a buzz for all age groups and a must do activity.
Our qualified guides will brief you fully on all techniques required before leading you down the canyon, we follow the flow of the water.

Scrambling over rocks and boulders, leaping into rock pools and sliding down rock slabs, controlling your own abseil descent with backup from your guide, making small jumps from 3 meters to 15 meters for the brave hearted, those who feel to nervous can opt to be lowered by the guide to a less freightning height.

The canyons we use come in many shapes and sizes and degrees of difficulties, so
contact us to discuss your requirments.
Canadian Canoe Touring
Canyoning has become the activity to do, gaining in popularity as the outdoor adventure activity. Refered to ‘Gorge walking` or ‘Canyoneering`.
The Imster Schlucht is Austria's Grand Canyon 14km long, the trip lasts between 1.5 & 2 hours. It is a river for the ambitious, a fascinating wild water adventure ride.
Rafting at its very best down some of Austria's wildest rivers and scenic valleys. Water runs down from the glacier to fill the rivers to give you a rafting experience you will not forget
Our guides will be close by to provide you with support and advice as you maneuver the boat down the river. There are a number of rivers of varying grades to choose from, depending on your ability and wishes.
Discover for your self the true Canadian canoeing experience. Along the route you will see beautiful scenery and wild life as you ride the waves and paddle down river.