pointventure has many exciting outdoor summer and winter adventure activities.
Whether you choose a single days activity or book on a course to improve your selected activity skills, we will give you
the very best instruction at an affordable price.
Our activites training area's are some of the very best in Europe, making the learning prosess that much easier.

Whilst learning your new skills, you will have the opportunity to capture on film some of the most beautifull and dramatic scenery to show friends and family upon your return home.

Our trainers are nationally qualified and very experienced in their fields of expertise.

Choose an activity and let us give you a memorable experience, allow yourself to escape the hustle and bussel of every day life and allow yourself to be submerged for a short while into another world far away from every day working environment.

Our activities are for all age groups, they are exciting, challenging, adventurous and most of all fun.

For more information and price of all our exciting summer and winter activities
contact pointventure today, your adventure is only a mouse click away.

Multi activities